10 Daily Life Routine Can Make You Healthy.

Simple changes you can make to your daily routine can help you get more done. At first, it might not be easy, but as soon as you start doing things, everything will fall into place.

10 daily life routine can make you healthy

Take some steps:

Experts say that you should walk at least ten thousand steps every day. Depending on the day, that goal can sometimes seem impossible. But taking ten steps here and hundred degree there adds up! Go for a short walk or to the fridge during your lunch break to get a healthy snack.

Check how you stand:

Be aware of your posture and often remind yourself to fix it if you notice it’s getting worse. Stop slouching, put your shoulders back, straighten your back, and stand up straight! Ensure your chair and computer monitor are at the correct heights if you work at a desk, so you don’t have to slouch. Your eyes should reach the top of your computer monitor, and your chair should be high enough that you can rest your elbows on your desk without hunching your shoulders.


Spend a few minutes in the morning stretching out your muscles. Stretching daily will get your blood moving and prepare you for the day. Plus, it can make you much more flexible.

Eat more fruits and veggies:

The Canadian Food Guide says you should put vegetables on at least half of your plate. Add lots of leafy greens and red or orange vegetables to every meal to get the most health benefits.

Drink more water:

We will always talk about how important it is to drink water. It’s recommended that you drink about two litres of water a day, but if the idea of drinking plain water makes you want to cry, try adding some flavour. There are lots of tasty tea blends that can help you consume the two litres of water a day that you should. You can also get extra benefits from your water by adding fresh lemon, cucumber, or mint. Tip: Make it a habit to keep a reusable water bottle with you and out in the open so you’re constantly reminded to drink.

The night before, make your lunch:

Every night, spend 15 minutes making lunch for the next day. When it’s time for lunch, you’re more likely to choose a healthy meal over one that’s easy but could be better for you. Check out these quick and easy lunch ideas that are also healthy.

Take short breaks:

Sometimes you need a break. Put those breaks into your schedule and give yourself some time to be. Try meditating or just letting your mind wander for fifteen minutes. Consequently, you will be able to deal with stress and be more present in your everyday life.

Take sleep seriously:

Sleep is the most important thing. We all know that we should sleep 8 hours a night, but sometimes it takes work to fall asleep and stay asleep. Set a time every night to do something relaxing before bed, like reading a few pages of a book or taking a relaxing shower.


Writing in a journal can be very helpful. As a result, you can get to know yourself better and figure out what’s bothering you, which is good for your overall mental health.


You’re always on your phone, scrolling through your Instagram feed. But research shows that spending too much time on social media can hurt your mental health. If you feel like social media is holding you back, you should spend less time on it. Turn off notifications for your social media apps or get rid of them together.


All of these routines and suggestions will help you get more done. But it probably would be better to do some of them daily. Discover what works best by experimenting with various approaches. Try one for a week and keep a record of how it goes.

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