Here are some ways to eat less sugar

So today I have 3 very simple ways to eat less sugar

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate that is 70% or higher is great. You’ll satisfy your craving, yet you’re not lifting your glucose to an extreme.

Drink a herbal tea

Whenever you’re desiring something sweet, rather than going after dim chocolate or a treat, mix up some natural tea. The excellence of homegrown tea is that there are many flavors to look over.

Add Frozen Veggies to Your Smoothie

A lot of times you’ll see smoothies with banana, mango, pineapple, dates, coconut water, juice, and spinach. While every one of those things is super solid, together (and in fluid structure) they can introduce a sugar issue. The arrangement? Trade around 50% of the natural product in your smoothies with frozen vegetables.

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