Here’s what you need to know about heart disease

Who gets heart disease?

It is true that heart disease is deadly, but it is also preventable in most cases. By adopting healthy lifestyle habits early, you can potentially live longer with a healthier heart.

What are the different types of heart disease?

There are many types of heart disease. Several diseases and conditions fall under the umbrella of heart disease. Types of heart disease include:

. An infection of the heart. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can cause heart infections.

. Congenital heart defects. Congenital heart defects are heart irregularities that are present at birth.

. Symptoms of cardiomyopathy. This condition causes the heart’s muscles to harden or grow weak.

. Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries.

What are the symptoms of heart disease?

Different types of heart disease may result in a variety of different symptoms

Arrhythmias are abnormal heart rhythms. The symptoms you experience may depend on the type of arrhythmia you have — heartbeats that are too fast or too slow. Symptoms of an arrhythmia include

. dizziness

. fainting spells

. slow pulse

. lightheadedness

What are some risk factors for heart disease?

There are many risk factors for heart disease. Some are controllable, and others aren’t.

. physical inactivity

. smoking

. obesity

. high blood pressure

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