Sexual Difficulties Faced By Men And Women

During any point in the sexual response cycle, dysfunction might arise. As a result, you won’t enjoy the gratification that comes with sexual engagement. Traditional sexual response cycles consist of euphoria, a plateau, climax, and resolution. The excitement stage of the sexual response includes both desire and arousal. Women don’t necessarily progress through these stages in this sequence.

Despite evidence suggesting otherwise, many people avoid discussing sexual dysfunction. However, because of the availability of treatment, it is essential to discuss your worries with your spouse and doctor.

Sexual Difficulties Faced By Men And Women

Here are some broad categories under which sexual diseases fall:-

Substance abuse and disorders of desire

Many people, both men and women, experience a recurring apathy in engaging in sexual behaviour. The issue may be generalised, or it may be exclusive to one spouse. This condition may appear suddenly, or it may not. Sexual dysfunction has been linked to low oestrogen levels in women and low testosterone levels in men.

Disorders of sexual arousal :

Sexual arousal disorders are common in women, especially as they age or after giving birth. Young adults may also be affected by the illness. A dry vagina and a lack of pleasure during foreplay or intercourse are symptoms of this condition. Erectile dysfunction is a common term for this condition in guys. It’s possible that a man won’t be able to take pleasure in his partner’s physical touch. In most cases, men struggle to achieve a satisfactory erection. Male genitalia in such cases is just partially raised.

Sexual arousal problems :

Climax can be challenging if you regularly use certain medications or suffer from anxiety. Orgasm dysfunction causes either no or considerably delayed closing for the patient.

Sexually transmitted disease and pain:

There is a gender gap in the prevalence of pain disorders; females are more likely to suffer from them. Lack of excitement is usually at the root of unpleasant sexual encounters. A woman may endure excruciating discomfort if her vagina is not properly lubricated. Occasionally, pain is the first sign of something more serious, such as vaginismus. Periapsis is a medical disease in which a man experiences a painful erection due to an abnormally large amount of blood in his penis. You can talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner about any issue you’re having.

Why do some people experience sexual difficulties?

Physical causes:

Sexual dysfunction can have many different physical reasons, including health issues. Diseases of the circulatory and nervous systems, hormonal disruptions, long-term ailments including kidney and liver failure, and addictions to alcohol and drugs are all included here. Some antidepressants, among others, have side effects that can adversely impact sexual performance.

Psychological causes:

Work-related stress and anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, marital or relationship troubles, depression, guilt, body image worries, and the after-effects of sexual trauma are all psychological causes.

When taking medicine, what potential side effects could lead to sexual dysfunction?

Even over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and prescription medicines can affect a person’s sexual performance. Some medications can decrease libido (desire), while others can make it harder to get sexually aroused or have an orgasmic experience. If you are on multiple drugs, you may have increased sexual dysfunction.

Is there a treatment for sexual dysfunction?

Identifying and treating the root cause of sexual dysfunction is essential for a successful outcome from treatment. If a dysfunction can be traced back to an easily remedied cause, it has a good chance of being fixed.


Counselling, education, and better communication between couples often effectively treat moderate dysfunction due to stress, fear, or anxiety. Motive and participation in your health care, in tandem with your doctor’s advice, may do wonders for your sexual well-being.

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