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Pull-ups are a great compound bodyweight exercise that works your complete body while helping to increase back muscle. You must brace and tighten your entire body in an isometric hold while using your back muscles to elevate yourself in order to complete a pull-up correctly. You’ll have a better chance of building muscle to have a toned back if you use both eccentric and concentric contractions of the motion in addition to the isometric hold. Use a strength band to help you if necessary.
  • When under a pull-up bar, take an overhand grip with hands that are about twice as wide as your shoulders.
  • Utilizing your back muscles rather than your biceps is ensured by using a wider grip.
  • Keep your body upright while hanging from the bar with straight arms. Your glutes should be squeezed as you tense and brace your entire body. Your legs can either remain straight or be tucked behind you.
  • Without swinging, lift your torso up while bringing your elbows to your sides.
  • Lift till your chin is above and your chest is close to the bar—your middle back (lats).
  • Reverse the motion carefully and gradually. The eccentric contraction takes place here, which is crucial for muscular growth.
  • For 2 to 5 times, repeat.


Although the deadlift may seem to be a lower-body exercise, it actually works the back and is one of the vital compound lifts that develop muscle and strength throughout the entire body. This one workout will help you in many ways while saving you time and energy.
  1. Standing with your back to a loaded barbell, your feet should be about shoulder-width apart, and your shins should be around 4 inches from the bar.
  2. Squat down while maintaining a straight back, then grab the bar with an overhand grip at shoulder width.
  3. Pull your hips down, tighten your glutes, and lift your chest.
  4. To take up the slack, pull up on the barbell. When the barbell strikes the plates, you will hear a clink.
  5. Maintaining a straight back and flattening your shoulders will help you spread the floor.
  6. Rotate your femur outward to engage the sides of your glutes and legs as you hammer your feet into the ground.
  7. By pressing through your feet, stand holding the barbell in place. Avoid letting your hips rise first. 8. To protect your lower back, keep the bar fairly close to your body. Hold your chest high.
  8. Lock out your hips by pushing them forward. Reverse the motion to completely stop the descent.
  9. Attempt 10–12 repetitions.

In-Law Pulldown

Let pulldowns are comparable to a pull-up but isolate the back and use less of your other muscles. Compared to the pull-up, this exercise is simpler to master but offers less benefit. If you can’t do more pull-ups or if you want diversity, it’s great for adding volume. If you are still unable to do a pull-up, this is a fantastic option.
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