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Cardio – The fastest tip to weight loss

Do you know that just one tip will help you reduce your fat to the most extent? Trust it or not, this can help you take your weight loss journey to a whole new level. Do you know why people get fat?

When you start eating in excess then what your body can utilize and absorb, your body starts storing that excess in glycogen. When the glycogen stores are full they start accumulating it in the form of fats.

So this is that one tape you must know which will deplete your glycogen stores and tap your bad fats.

If you are someone who is extremely overweight and do not know where to start, definitely try this at least once. The best thing is that this will give you the fastest and heaviest result and it is effortless to follow and without any monetary cost.

“ cardio “

Yes, it is to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach for just 20 minutes. So, if someone wants quick results so get up early in the morning have a glass of water and get ready and go out for a run.

If you are extremely overweight and cannot Run then at least do a brisk walk in your nearby park or an open place where you can do jumping or skip without anyone’s concern.

How did cardio help?

In the morning, our stomach is completely empty. Therefore all the glycogen stored is completely depleted to do cardio our body will need energy but if we have not taken any kind of carbohydrate, our body will start utilizing fat cells in our body for energy.

The best thing about cardio is your body will not lose any kind of muscles when you are on an empty stomach your body will first use the glycogen store then it will move on to the fat and then it goes to the muscles. So just 20-minute cardio will not make you lose your muscles it will only burn your fat.

If you eat enough protein throughout the day, it is not easy for your body to lose muscles. So, this is a simple yet very effective way to cut fat from your body.

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