7 Health Benefits Of Banana

The body needs magnesium and potassium in order to function properly. Both are essential for a strong heart and steady blood pressure

Controls High Blood Pressure

As they include a lot of fiber, bananas will help you feel fuller for longer than foods with less fiber

Reduces Weight

Food doesn't directly contain serotonin, but tryptophan, which the body requires to generate it, does. And bananas contain a lot of it

Improves Mood

Bananas' vitamins A and B vitamins also help to protect your skin from harm, diminishing scars and dark spots on the skin

Good For Skin

Due to this fruit's extraordinarily high moisture content, hair can also benefit greatly from it. It can be used to make a quick moisturizing hair mask

Good For Hair

Bananas have a lot of B vitamins, which have a relaxing impact on the mind and can make you feel more at ease and comfortable

Improves Sleep

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